Glam for less : YSL arty oval ring

Hi dolls,

How many of you fall in love with the arty oval YSL ring like I did ! With this cute oversized minty rock (also available in Many other colors) it adds a touch of beauty to every hand ! This ring costs 250 $ and is available at Saks fifth avenue stores and many others . However, not every fashionista can afford this amazing piece of jewelry even if it's the one to die for . I got mine from Saks last month , but when searching eBay that day I found many other similar options that can give you the same exact style and look for a much cheaper price . Only 14$ with free shipping !!!! The quality is still good and the fit is fine too . I'm wearing both the authentic and the fake one in the same hand here . My husband couldn't tell the difference but can you do ?

Love xoxo