Floral on Floral

Yeepiiii !

I'm really feeling good! School is over , my grades are great and to have more fun my family came to visit from Kuwait !! Now I can say that I'm officially on Vacation . However, that unfortunately doesn't mean more posts or pictures as we are planning to start out rout trip on Monday :)

No worries dolls! I've saved some outfit pictures that you've never seen before and will keep posting and blogging even when I'm out of the town for a while !

Today's outfit is so springy and full of colors . You probably know that these are my favorite pieces for this spring by now . This is the first time I combine two matchy matchy pieces of the same print and love the combo . Kinda looks like a jumpsuit but I really can't complain :)

I'm wearing : H&M : shirt and pants / Zara : heels / Asos : clutch / MK : watches

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LOVE you all